Professional diagrams on your iPhone, iPad and Mac

Create quickly and easily great looking diagrams:

  • Flowchart
  • Organigram
  • Mind Map
  • Pinboard – Whiteboard
  • Software Model (UML)
  • AWS Diagram (Amazon Web Services)

UML software diagrams

Add attributes and methods in UML class diagrams or create component, use case and activity diagrams.

AWS Diagrams 

The Diagrams Notepad app contains an extensive collection of vector-based AWS icons.

AWS diagram

Markup and Annotations

Add annotations, drawings or additional markup directly in the diagram using Apple Pencil or your finger on iOS devices. 

Your notes will be saved together with the diagram and can be edited at any time. You can display or hide them also on Mac.

Diagram freehand drawing

This additional, innovative method enables even faster diagram creation by freely and naturally drawing shapes and connections with Apple Pencil or finger. 

The app automatically detects the drawn shape or connector, adds them to the diagram at the grid position and connects them accordingly. 

Keep your diagrams up to date on all devices

Automatically and optionally sync your diagrams between your iOS and macOS devices using iCloud.

Sharing and Collaboration

Share and collaborate on your diagrams with your team or friends through iCloud.

Spice up your diagrams with images and photos.

Add images and photos from Photos app or using copy&paste or drag&drop.

Vector based shapes and connectors

The Diagrams Notepad app contains beautiful vector based shapes, symbols and connectors.
You can export the diagram to PDF without any loss of quality.

Add Rich-Weblinks from Safari and other apps using drag and drop or copy and paste.

Color Themes and Styles

Change colors of shapes, connectors and texts using predefined color styles and themes.

Export to PNG, JPG and PDF

Export your diagrams as vector-based PDFs or as PNG and JPG image. 

Save bigger diagrams as multi-page PDF documents.

Buy once and use on all devices

After a one-time purchase on the App Store, you can install the app on all compatible devices with iOS 15 or macOS!