Diagrams Notepad user interface

A quick look at the tools and features of the diagram editor.

To familiarize yourself with the diagram editor user interface, take a look at the image below. There are three main toolbar areas:

  • the main tools panel on the left side  
  • The color style and formatting tools panel on the right side
  • The top context toolbar and favorites bar
Diagrams Notepad user interface
The Diagrams Notepad user interface contains three toolbar areas.

Left toolbar of the diagram editor

  • Lasso – activates the selection tool and shows the lasso types in the context toolbar. The tool icon updates to the currently active lasso type.
  • Shapes – opens the shapes panel. The icon shows the currently selected shape or symbol.
  • Connectors – opens the connectors panel. The icon shows the currently selected connector.
  • Drawing – activates the drawing tool to draw arbitrary shapes or to draw a diagram with shape recognition.
  • Photos – import photos from the Photos app.
  • Markup – add Markup and Notes to the diagram with Apple Pencil or finger.

Right toolbar for formatting the diagram and shapes styles

  • Grid – opens the grid setting panel
  • Color style – opens the color style panel
  • Connector style – opens the connector color style panel
  • Text style – opens the text style panel

The context toolbar at the top

The top context bar will change its content depending on:

  • currently selected tool
  • currently opened panel
  • the selection of shapes and connectors in diagram