Adding connectors to diagrams

Connectors can connect two shapes together or appear as stand alone connectors in the diagram.

Connector between shapes

The easiest and fastest way to connect two shapes together with a connector is by dragging the connector handle. After selecting a shape, the connector handle appears below the selected shape. 

Adding connectors to diagram
Drag the connector handle to add connectors between shapes.

To add a new connector:

  • Drag the handle to another shape to add a connector to this shape.
  • Drag the handle to an empty area on the diagram to add a connector to a new shape.

Stand alone connectors

To add a stand alone connector to the diagram, drag it from the connectors panel or from the top toolbar with last used connectors.

Drag stand alone connectors from panel and favorites bar
Drag stand alone connectors from panel and favorites bar

Open the connectors panel with the connector icon in the left toolbar. The top toolbar shows the last used connectors.

Drag connector from connectors panel

After selecting and holding a connector drag it to the diagram canvas.

Each time you select a connector in the connector library panel, it will be also added to the top favorites bar and marked as current selected connector. This way you can quickly add all frequently used connectors directly from the favorites bar.

The icon in the left toolbar always shows the currently selected connector.